Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Unicorn Man's Smile

I told you after many weeks of silence 
something of importance. I said:
I had a dream this morning, now blurred. 
I had a unicorn friend. 
What was he doing around me I can't clearly remember.
Prancing around me all proud of himself, 
then gone with only a question left behind. 
As unique to me and as illusive, 
and that unmistakable horn between your legs, 
I can only conclude:
the dream was about my connection to your image. 
After all the weeks of silence, all you could find to reply
was a smiley.
Wow I said. I thought I could never feel ashamed
of my love and regret giving it. Until this.
You said there was no need to fill gaps in communication with bad feelings.
No need to feel ashamed you said, or full of regret.
No reason to make much of a thing such as this.
There are reasons, you said, and left it there.
I should have left it there too.
I regret to say I did not. I said less than I intended,
but more than I should have said.
No need for concern, I said.
I was simply amazed for a moment, enough to make something out of nothing. 
Anyone can make nothing out of anything, that's easy.  
It's the opposite - making something out of anything -  that is the true challenge of life. 

To that you had nothing to add.
Mercy be my friend, let you keep your silence.

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