Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First line from another poem

And a man waits in the streets to meet a woman
and the woman shows the man what he wants to want
and the man wants what he wants
and he doesn't show her what she won't want

and she doesn't look where he doesn't want her to look
and she averts her eyes from what she doesn't want to see
his life, her home, they fade far away.
so late in life they came to be
and nothing can be changed.

And his skin came alive under her touch
and her body stretched before him
and his eyes saw her and she felt good.
and they walked in the streets that became her dreams
and her dreams became the streets she walked in

for days and days until she lost track of what she was
of what she wants, of his fingers as they slip away, of him, 
and he lost her, and the way they were together
when they lived inside the inside of their soul.

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