Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frank Exchange of Views - Napo day 4

We could have had some, you know
if we could handle the truth.
crisscrossing yours with mine and never converging
unless in bed of course, briefly
converging some body parts
and even there possibly not.
like you could hear me say I love you
and you'd say please don't
and I'd say too late, I do
and you'd say but I only wanted a little on the side
and I'd say but you said you loved me too
once, early on, some years ago
and you'd say you know it wasn't real
I didn't mean it, I only needed some revenge
and I'd say I think you do, you really really do
or you'd have gone bye bye by now
and you'd say, eventually, after a year or six
bye bye now, it was nice to have been in you
from time to time.
So since we ended at the same place
with the truth as without it, we really shouldn't have bothered
to suffer any truth at all, and we didn't, so we're good.
We made it all up from lies
I lied to you that I was fine,
and you lied to me about whatever was needed in the moment
and before, and after, and in-between
and I lied to myself all the time
and we both lied to everyone around us.
And after all is said and done, I'd say
there wasn't any need to be frank, to tell you the truth.

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