Monday, April 22, 2013


Well hello there my lovely stranger,
where you gone to all this time?
I’ve missed what you mean to me,
though I can’t say what it is,
I know it’s there because I miss
something and here you are
to help me find it, whatever it is
that I’ve been missing.
You know how I love telling people
that something is missing, don’t you?
specially my women, but they don’t seem to like it,
for some reason they get upset, sometimes they even cry.
I feel so sorry for them then,
when they get upset just because of what I said,
I said that something is missing in my life.
They seem to think it’s them.
What’s wrong with people, eh?
They must have something missing too.
It isn’t me because I’m with them when I say this
although sometime I’m not, I sometimes say it from afar
and I don’t mean I miss them, it’s confusing, you know?
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello,
and have you been missing me?

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