Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I won't Think About

Without emotions.
Inside a right is a condition of courage.
On the edges of right is a glimpse of care and surrender.
Forgetting how to make a right takes pride and audacity,
Doesn’t it?
Let’s forget about it.
Few of us, even simpletons, think of rights as boring useless physical possession.
When they keep silent about it they don’t say
There are many kinds of silences;
Familiar, unexpected, precise.
Familiar silence clarifies.
Unexpected silence hides what we don’t know.
Precise silence takes away the old and limp unknowns.
What makes the precise silence so potent?
Non-philosophers don’t know it prevents the body from forgetting everything,
Before taking a right
She hikes in a forest of strange muteness
And gradually
The forest disappears,
simplifying the submerged anticipations.
In the end it hides as ordinary, reliable, and right.
before it didn’t make sense.
On other occasions, according to idiots,
The body turns to others and silences:
“It’s a lie, and yet I believe!”
The myth of the literal can teach nothing.
Less than that: nothing is what it wants to be,
And we see what in truth they are,
Because what is proper is useless.
Let it go, idiots say,
Not a thing to ignore, better be numb there,
in those places that correctness erases in the body.
To dislike right
But not to forget
The union of nothing and something
As Western ingenuity will allow only one strike
And then
This is what bad discretion will do:
It will demonstrate
an entirely new way of lacking literary rights.
The poets know that sometimes

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