Thursday, April 5, 2012

In orbit, Landing

How did I convince myself that life was you,
that you alone would save me from myself
when nothing could be farther than the truth
when you were farther from the truth, and me.
Why was I not able to deduce
from all my heartache and the pain
that it was bad for me to love you for so long
that it was futile to recount, to hope
that one day you will see me hover
and reach out for love, for life.
I hovered in your sphere and thought
I basked in light much brighter than my own.
It made me love myself again,
I can't deny you that, but then I hovered
like a starship in perpetual orbit 'round your head,
never landing, never getting in,
and oh, what a hopeless hopeful I had been.

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