Monday, April 2, 2012

Not as sharp as I'd want

it will come back to bite me in the ass
If I soften to your reckless notions
if I let it work, as I had done before
if I slip back into that habit I just kicked
and love you again
you will turn things upside down, no doubt
before we touch or see or smell
before I get to say your name and smile,
you'll teach me one more lesson
you'll show me who's the boss
you'll cut me off without a sign
just as I'm about to think - oh, he's turned into a man.
Once I kissed the prince, he was a toad.
That's the story I'll tell some girl one day,
if we get to talk about Dickens or fairy tales.
I might tell her about you
that great affair I thought was the last chance.
Last chance to what, I should have asked myself
as I dove into that murky puddle called love.
You'd think I'd have said: I'll get a chance to break my heart again,
to feel the biggest let down of my life,
to get to know what lust is all about, just once and never more.
To let you slip back into memory,
To know I lost.
I think I'll stand my ground this time around,
and pay a tribute to the great silence, without any words.

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