Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jagged Edge

You inserted yourself into my life like a jagged arrow
dipped in potions to ease its course into my heart
then with an 'oops, sorry, mistake, don't mind me, I'm just leaving'
yanked yourself out without a thought
a hasty cruel yank
leaving my flesh torn in places where the pleasure you introduced
pierced my dormant desire effortlessly
the flesh wound remained, the bleeding never stops,
as no amount of damage control or bandaging I administer
by letting others pet the hole that you created
makes a difference
since it is not administered by you.

And your silence compounds the pain.
there was that enormous pleasure you brought to me
now the pain of your silences is harder to endure than knowing my father is dying
his impending painful death is caused by no one, therefore bearable
your actions are chosen by you.
That is the hardest fact to face: this pain of mine is bringing you joy.

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