Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gaping Heart

In the generous, shallow light of my bedroom
My skin seem perfect as it never was,
The lines of my body sublime
I rise from the conjugal bed
I walk past the mirror, I admire

The water rush down my limbs
I see them from above
my head is bent
I remember what took place in my mind
As other hands provided pleasures
I wanted from you

You held me
Your hand on my neck
Guiding my head my lips to yours
Your kiss vengeful and tender
You put your hand at the small of my back
You push me
You find me you enter
You get closer with force
You undo my every nerve
There is nothing left of me and you
If we got any closer we would melt into each other
And when you empty into me
You leave
You drain out of my gaping heart drop by sweet drop
And I am as empty as I was
When I knew you were never there
And I know I will wait for you
To empty me again one day.

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