Friday, November 11, 2011

A matter of convenience

On the matter of convenience:

Is this a goal for me?

Sex is inconvenient. You put a finger here,

something else there, then you want that here and this there,

but now, not later. It’s quite urgent you see. The moment might pass,

a loss of momentum is detrimental. We may never recover.

We may start to think of our faces.

You rearrange bodies in unruly patterns, you could get a cramp.

Again, again, you change, must reinvent, not to be a bore.

to satisfy.

Put Life on a mini hold while you search for the illusive. After (never during)

You think of shopping.

Was it a minute? An hour? No one remembers but we count,

Was timing wrong, too slow or fast? and the eternal question of where;

Prominent, sometimes even titillating.

Time and space: a physical arrangement.

A saga of an inconvenient smut. Potential ghastly consequences.

Best forget the whole thing, and go and have some tea.

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