Monday, October 3, 2011


Each one of us crashes on someone's shore.
for some there could be a temporary rescue.
warm hands might pump hot air into stopped hearts,
even a resuscitating breath upon our lips will do.

sometime you even bring us up to shore.
you like us stranded on a rock,
a tragic-romantic sight.
we watch when others follow suit
and you carefully resuscitate another crasher.
a crowd could gather on that rock,

like forlorn penguins looking out to sea.
you promise visitations when you have some time,
you check our vigilance.
we take your shifts,we watch out for you
each time you come you are the one,
each one of us believes we are your one.

if we despair of you, as often happens
the sea is always there to welcome us again
through rocky waves we try to swim away
only to surrender powerless against the pull,
to crash again in currents stronger than our will
and when the waves are calm, too soft to kill
we rock there like a seaweed back and forth
back and forth
and we watch you as you stand there, still,
on a rock we have finally vacated,
your gaze scans the horizons,
you wait for other wrecked souls to reappear.
You know they will.

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